The simplest, best and most effective ways to care for your nails

Women’s well-groomed hands in combination with a beautiful manicure are what every girl needs.

This is the part of the body that helps us seduce a man and just feel confident. After all, if your hands are dry, and your nails are sloppy and untreated – I think this will indicate that the person does not take care of himself and few people like it. Yes, yes, remember, because everyone had a case when you also felt insecure because of a broken nail or an overgrown cuticle. Now, remember when your beautiful and delicate pens were also with a beautiful manicure – How did you feel at that moment? Remember …

Now forget about dry and scruffy hands and nails. I will reveal the simplest, best and most effective ways to care for your nails. You will get luxury nails with little effort.


  1. Moisturize your hands daily.

    While you are young, you are already beautiful, but with age, the skin will reflect the age and the result of your care at a young age will be on your hands. To make your lovely nails and hands look always well-groomed, they must be nourished.

    The composition and structure of the cream choose based on your skin type, but more effective, for nutrition, will be funded with nourishing oils.

  2. Be sure to use cuticle oil.

    A dry cuticle looks ugly and nails look unpleasant. To avoid problems, you should monitor its condition using nail and cuticle oil.

    Oil is produced in various forms (brushes, pipettes, and others). You can choose a convenient way for yourself and always take it with you so that you take care of the cuticle even on the road.

    I also advise you to massage the cuticle – after applying the oil, you need to massage it until completely absorbed into the skin. What does cuticle oil do – it helps stimulate the growth of healthy and strong nails.

  3. Bathtub for nails 

    Arrange at least once a week a celebration for your nails.

    This procedure will take a little time, but after 5-6 procedures, you will appreciate the result. For the bath, you can use a lot of options and compositions.



    Here is one of them:

    Bathtub with olive oil

    Heat the oil to a comfortable temperature and lower your fingertips for 15 minutes. This recipe is simple and will be useful to everyone. Such a bath will help the nails strengthen and acquire a healthy look.

  4. Choose the right one nail file.

    Each person has different nails (strong, weak, brittle). There are also nail files: glass, metal, ceramic, diamond, crystal – and all of them have different degrees of granularity. The higher the number, the smoother the nail file.

    To avoid delamination of the nails, it is necessary to choose a nail file that is not too creative.

    Best nail file for natural nails:

    Diamond nail file – A layer of finely divided diamonds (the hardest material in nature) is applied to a diamond file. This nail file is suitable for exfoliating and brittle nails, it allows you to smooth out uneven edges of the nail quickly and efficiently. Also, a diamond nail file easily smooths sharp edges and corns.

    Crystal nail file – file with an abrasive surface, used to gently grind and shape the edges of the nails. Often used in manicure and after the nail has been trimmed with a pair of nippers.

    Metal nail file – most often used by girls, they are universal and if you do not use aggressive abrasiveness, then they are suitable for everyone.

  5. Firming compounds

    Apply grease or protective varnishes to non-greasy nails.

    TIP: Use a base before applying color coatings.

  6. Salon manicure

    If you do not have the time and desire to do yourself a manicure, use a salon manicure. This will reduce the time spent, a high-quality manicure will be made and a wide variety of color palettes in the salon.

    It is always more pleasant when a man of his craft does your manicure and you can relax and enjoy the process.

    I recommend to trim and file nails every 2 weeks

  7. Quality products

    Pay attention to the composition. The varnish should not contain harmful substances: toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate.





8. Handwashing

Wash your hands with room temperature water.




9. Handwashing

Wash your hands with room temperature water.




10.Food for beautiful and healthy nails

Be sure to include foods rich in vitamins in your diet:

– A (carrots, greens, vegetable oil)

– B (seaweed, sprouted wheat)

– C (citrus fruits, cabbage, blackcurrant)

– Microelements (seafood, cottage cheese, nuts, buckwheat porridge)

– Vitamins (at the pharmacy).

11. Do the gloved housework

If you want to maintain a beautiful manicure and healthy hands, then you must wear gloves. They will protect your hands and nails from detergents (which contain a lot of chemicals) and prevent their costly recovery.


 Take care of your hands.