Top 10 Best Hair Health Habits

Any girl knows that for your hair to be healthy and beautiful, you need to perform a number of procedures.

Various factors affect how shiny, smooth, and strong your hair is. But do not cancel the genetic factor. Someone from the birth has thick, beautiful and healthy hair, and someone, on the contrary, has thin and depleted hair or had good hair, but due to dyeing, the hair has become brittle and lifeless. Equally important is your nutrition because with the food we get nutrients that help us look and feel good.

To maintain the beauty of your hair, you need to create the right and healthy hair care habits.

1   Refuse a shower with hot water

After a hard and long day, especially in winter, I want to wash away the fatigue and pollution from my hair. Many of us like to use a hot water shower head. Yes, this is good, but hot water has a bad effect on the condition of the hair. If you have colored hair, then the paint is washed off faster than when using cold water, and the hair often becomes oily. Experts recommend using light warm water, it will create comfortable conditions for your hair without damaging it.

2   Deep moisturizing while washing your hair

This is another habit that dermatologists and hairdressers agree with: include a deep conditioner in your hair care routine every time you wash your hair, for extra hydration.

To choose the right conditioner for care, it is important to determine the condition hair before shampooing. What are they like? Dry, oil slick hair, dull, and then pick up the balm (conditioner) that your type needs. This will give them a healthy and well-groomed look and emphasize your splendor.

3 Try not to ignore your scalp.

If you constantly scratch your head due to dryness and irritation, and shampoos in pharmacies do not help you, then you need a specialist. Try not to lose sight of this. Continuous tingling damage the scalp, it can be dangerous if you see that this does not go away or if the spots become serious, you need to consult a specialist.

4   Healthy hair and seasonality

It is important to properly nourish your hair. Different seasons can affect the structure of the hair due to: in summer – the hair from the sun can dry out when it is hot, the scalp sweats and the hair quickly becomes oily. In winter, also from frosts, hair can dry out and become brittle.

In hot and cold times, you need to hide your hair under a hat or hat to preserve their beauty, but it is also necessary to apply nourishing masks based on your hair type. And then your hair will be healthy and beautiful. Experts assure that for a good condition of hair it is necessary to include products in your diet: seafood, meat, avocado, nuts, vegetables, and others. Since your balanced diet is the key to the beauty and health of your hair.

5   Hot instruments should be avoided, but if this is not possible, protect

If you need constant drying with a hairdryer, be attentive to your hair: reduce hot air, make it cool, and also reduce the airspeed – this will make hair drying closer to natural. If you like wavy hair, and you have even hair or vice versa, and you often use: ironing, curling irons, then you definitely need to protect your hair with special tools – thermal protection, as well as use a lower temperature if it is regulated.

6 Natural care

Your hair needs rest because during the week they experience stress every day from various styling, as well as hairstyles, varnishes. To keep your hair relaxed and restored, I recommend using the weekend. It is necessary to allow the hair to dry naturally, without using a hairdryer. It is often better not to use heated hair styling tools, and if necessary, be sure to use thermal protection, as well as nourish the hair. Do not make a tight tail and other hairstyles as when pulling the hair, the roots become weaker and this can lead to hair loss.

7 Get Regular Hair Cuttery

A group of specialists agrees: refusing a salon is counterproductive so as not to lose one’s head. The ends of the hair are dry and separate, so the length does not work. Normal haircuts guarantee slight splitting or brittleness. Cut your hair every one to two months and you will forget about the brittle ends of your hair.

8 Maintain a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet allows the body to receive important nutrients and thereby improves the digestion and distribution of these substances. When nutrients are absorbed well this is reflected in our appearance. For hair, protein is needed. Protein is a building material for hair because hair is keratinized protein. Hair is considered an insignificant tissue, so the body does not first send protein to the hair follicles – it first stops on important organs, namely the heart or liver, but if you consume enough protein, the body will distribute the protein wherever it is needed.

Various Paleo diet products on wooden table, top view

Another important nutrient is iron. It is a source of energy for hair. “This is the mineral that hair needs.” Many studies have shown that iron deficiency led to hair loss.

9   How to comb ur hair

Combing hair is a good and important habit, but frequent combing more than 3 times a day warns. Frequent unreasonable combing stretches the hair and breaks the weak ends. Comb your hair 2-3 times a day. It’s important to choose the right comb for your hair type, as in addition to combing, you also massage your scalp. This is an important point, because, during a head massage, blood circulates and sleeping hair follicles – they wake up and new hair grows in the future. Comb your hair carefully and carefully so as not to damage the roots and growth point.

10   Wear hats in sunny weather

The sun dries hair and violates its structure. The hat is excellent protection not only for the face but also for your hair and scalp, protecting them from burns and excessive drying out. This is a good and convenient option to be protected and look like a flirty girl.