Why do women wear makeup?

An estimated 44 percent of American women do not like to leave home without makeup. Psychologists say that women wear makeup for two main reasons:

Camouflage – Women who are insecure and complex, use makeup to appear less noticeable.

Seduction – women who want to be more visible more attractive, use cosmetics to be more confident, sociable.

Of course, in fact, there are many more reasons and each has its own, but basically the main reason for every woman is to be beautiful and attractive.

We love to wear makeup, and for different occasions, we put on the appropriate image, and to complement this image, we need doing your own makeup

Let’s look at what happens with makeup:

1) Day makeup

It should be light and emphasize your facial features. It is necessary to take into account your eye color, skin color and much more so that the makeup is suitable for you. Of course, you need to experiment with the tone choosing the right one, but for daytime makeup, we use more natural tones.

2) Evening makeup

Evening makeup uses darker and brighter tones. The emphasis is on the eyes, lips, eyebrows. But one should not understand that everything should be clearly emphasized – no, everything should be aesthetically and harmoniously. Evening makeup can be used for: parties, going to the theater, corporate parties, valentines day makeup, and other events, and for all these cases, makeup should be appropriate. If at a party we can make bright makeup and give shine to the eyes, then such a make-up is unacceptable for visiting the theater. Therefore, you need to responsibly approach your image.

3) Wedding eye makeup

This is an event when every woman-girl wants to be the most beautiful, and here you definitely need to think through the whole image to the smallest detail.
Many go to a makeup artist, but there are those who can do doing your own wedding makeup. You can make a natural wedding makeup, or you can make a bright one – this is at your discretion, just do not forget about the image, because on this day you must shine.

Wedding makeup tutorial

The variety of wedding makeup is very large, so I will show you a video of soft makeup. The creator of this video, Melissa Sassine, is a very good master, so watch and enjoy.